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5 Movies To Watch Out For In April 2024

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Last month, I shared a list of exciting movies to look out for in March. Believe me, it was packed with good stuff. Which of them did you watch? Are there any you’re looking forward to next month?

With Dune 2 having such massive success in March, Zendaya returns in one of the top movies in April 2024: Challengers. This was supposed to be released last year but was postponed due to the Hollywood strike. What should we expect from her in this movie? One thing we can be sure of is that she’ll definitely kill the role.

However, Challengers is just one of the exciting movies in April 2024. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which is based on true events is also a must-see. And we have brilliant director Alex Garland directing one of the movies on this list. Which one is it?

Read on to find out.

Civil War

The United States has fallen apart. Texas and California are seceding from the union and fighting against a tyrannical third-term President. The central characters of the film are journalists who are trying to do their jobs in a country at war. The main characters are Kirsten Dunst as Lee, a famous photographer, Wagner Moura as Joel, a reporter from South America. Stephen McKinley Henderson stars as Sammy, an older African-American journalist.

These characters are caught in the middle of a civil war, and their job is to report the news, no matter how dangerous the situation is. Along the line, we see the characters trying to reach Washington, D.C. There, they hope to interview the president before he is forced to surrender to the military forces of the Western Alliance. There is violence in the streets and people are divided and pitted against one another. 

This is a story about people trying to survive in a divided, broken country. It’s a dramatic, intense story with some intense action scenes. Directed by Alex Garland, it will be released on April 12.


5 Movies To Watch Out For In April 2024

In Challengers, Tashi is a gifted coach with a strong competitive streak. She’s willing to take risks to get results, even if it means pushing her husband and players to their limits. Tashi makes her husband compete in a challenger event, hoping to light a fire under him and get him back to his winning ways. However, things get complicated when Patrick enters the picture. 

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Tashi’s motivations are more complex than just getting her husband to win matches. As the two men compete against each other, Tashi finds herself caught between them. She struggles to balance her personal and professional relationships. The film explores themes of success, failure, and the sacrifices we make in pursuit of our goals. 

Set to be released on April 26, this movie is directed by Luca Guadagnino. It stars Zendaya, Josh O’connor, and Mike Faist.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

5 Movies To Watch Out For In April 2024

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is a movie inspired by declassified files from the British War Department. It tells the story of the first special forces organization formed during World War II. 

Led by a motley crew of mavericks and rogues, this top-secret combat unit changed the course of the war with their unconventional and daring tactics. This organization laid the foundation for modern Black Ops warfare and the British SAS. It’s a story of audacity, courage, and the triumph of unconventional thinking. 

This movie is based on the book “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops” by Damien Lewis. The best part? It is directed by Guy Ritchie (you know we’re going to eat good when you see his name). The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is set to be released on April 19.


A young girl is kidnapped by a group of criminals who hope to extort her wealthy father for a large ransom. However, they soon discover that she is not an ordinary child, but a vampire with supernatural powers. The manor where she is held captive becomes a fortress, and the criminals must fight for their lives. 

The movie Abigail is a modern-day take on the classic movie, Dracula’s Daughter. But, it comes with a twist: the main character is a 12-year-old girl rather than an adult woman. The story takes place in the present day. However, the basic premise remains the same: a group of people become trapped in a situation with a vampire who is both deadly and cunning. 

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, it will be released on April 19, 2024.


5 Movies To Watch Out For In April 2024

One of the most anticipated movies in April 2024, Breathe is a sci-fi thriller set in a future. There, the air on Earth is too toxic to breathe, and humans are forced to live underground. A mother and daughter’s life is turned upside down when two mysterious people show up at their bunker door, claiming to know the father’s fate. 

As it turns out, the visitors are not who they claim to be. And the mother and daughter must battle for their lives. This movie is a nail-biting story of survival and the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones. 

It stars Jennifer Hudson, Milla Jovovich, and Quvenzhané Wallis. Breathe is directed by Stefon Bristol and is set to be released on April 26, 2024.

Be sure to treat yourself to a movie date next month; by yourself or with friends. Which one of these movies would you be seeing?

Share this list with that friend who loves movies as much as you do. Also, don’t forget to join the Netflix community of Fusion. We’re currently running a daily trivia in the community. It starts everyday at 6pm and it promises to be lots of fun with cash prizes to be won. So join now and set your alarms.

See you there!

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