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7 Nigerian Movie Stars That Made Our Childhood Fun

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Let me start out by saying that this article is dedicated to all my 30+ fam. 

Remember when we watched movies like Osuofia in London, Police Recruit, etc? Some of us were still missing our front teeth then. Oh, those days when our backs didn’t ache and our memory was sharper than a new razor blade and we didn’t care about the exchange rate and fuel price and all the adult problems we seem to have now. (insert nostalgic sigh)

In those days, we’d huddle with our siblings (or our neighbor’s children if they turned on their Gen when there was no light in our own house) and sit very close to the television to watch our favorite comic actors on screen. Those were the highlights of our childhood because we knew that for however long the movie lasted, we’d be in stitches.

Our parents were not left out either. In fact, some families would watch these movies together as a way of bonding with each other.

Let’s give a shout-out to some of those Nigerian movie stars that made our childhood fun. We’ll begin with Charles Inojie.

Charles Inojie

This generation will recognize him for his role as Lucky Johnson, Father of the Johnson Family. But the OGs, know that when you saw Charles Inojie, Sam Loco Efe, Osuofia, Mr Ibu, Victor Osuagwu, Francis Odega, and Charles Awurum in one movie then best believe that they are just spitting out the lines and it’s probably not scripted. That’s right, they were good like that. 

He has acted in movies such as Cunny Man Die; Cunny Man Bury Am, Cat and Rat, Mr Sabinus – See Trouble, Wahala Marriage, The Army General and so much more.

Sam Loco Efe

Nigerian Movie Stars

The real OGs know that Sam Loco Efe was always the father of the two most mischievous characters in Nollywood – Aki and Pawpaw. The father-sons trio thrilled us non-stop.  

It was very entertaining to see how Aki and Pawpaw always tried to outsmart Sam Loco Efe and he was often (not always) equal to the task. I don’t think Nollywood will be able to pull off the parent-children chemistry that those three had in movies again.

Some of Osuofia’s most-loved movies are Ukwa, Mr Trouble, Alice My First Lady, Daddy Must Obey, Ababa, Police Recruit amongst others.

Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme (Aki and Pawpaw)

There is no role that these two have not acted in. One of the most versatile pair in Nollywood. Am I the only one who grew up believing that they were biological brothers? 

Aki and Pawpaw may not be acting in those old movies anymore but they still show up in memes. They are living legends! 

This duo gave us unforgettable movies like The Mischievous Twins, Confusion Twins, Village Rats, Double Wahala, Holy One, Police and Thief, Tom and Jerry, and many more.

Nkem Owoh (Osuofia)

Nkem Owoh, aka Osuofia is one of the legendary comic actors. Like Aki and Pawpaw, he’s more known by his stage name than by his real name. I’m pretty sure if you are having a discussion with someone and you refer to him as Nkem Owoh, they might not even know whom you’re talking about until you say Osuofia. 

He was and still is effortlessly funny. Some of his popular movies include Osuofia in London (Part 1 and 2), Osuofia the Dreamer, Osuofia the village gangster, Long John etc.

John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

Nigerian Movie Stars

The late John Okafor, was popularly known as Mr Ibu. He was one of the best comic actors to grace Nigerian screens. As kids, when we watched the cast intros and saw Mr Ibu’s name, we automatically knew the movie would have us rolling on the floor in laughter. 

Mr Ibu’s nonchalant, sleepy-eyed, pot-bellied character was one that 90s kids will not easily forget and that was what endeared him to his audience. It was really heartbreaking to lose such a beloved actor to the cold hands of death. 

He featured in movies like A Fool At 40, Issakaba, Police Recruit, Mr. Ibu, Mr. Ibu in London amongst others.

Francis Odega

Nigerian Movie Stars

This actor was always at loggerheads with Aki and Pawpaw in movies. Among the three of them, they had a Tom and Jerry type of relationship. Aki and Pawpaw were always up to some mischief where he was concerned. 

My favorite comic lines from him are ‘’I didn’t did it’’, and ‘’you don’t know nothing, let me tell you something. You know what I’m saying?’’

His fake American accent was always really funny. He acted in the following movies; John Bosco in America, Village Rascals, Osuofia in London, My Cassandra, amongst others.

Charles Awurum

Nigerian Movie Stars

Charles Awurum is a Nigerian actor, comedian, and filmmaker known for his comedic roles in Nollywood films. 

Awurum has appeared in several popular movies. Some of them are “The King & the Crown” (2003), “Game Fools Play” (2007), and “Johnbull & Rosekate” (2007). He won the “Award of Excellence” from the Magic Lens Africa Film Academy Awards (MAFAA) in 2016.

Awurum played countless comic roles in Nigerian movies. He has worked with other popular comic actors like Chiwetalu Agu, John Okafor, and Charles Inojie.

Other Nigerian Movie Stars Worth Mentioning

Remember Hanks Anuku? He was Nollywood’s baddest boy before Jim Iyke. That American accent was always gbamsolute! And how can we forget one of the top Nigerian movie stars, Victor Osuagwu? If comical was a person, it would be him. Chiwetalu Agu always came through with his incredulous catchphrases. Cues in Ekwensu e romancia mami wota!

On behalf of the 30+ fam, I’d like to thank all these Nigerian movie stars for giving us the best childhood!

If this article had you feeling nostalgic, make sure to share it with your fellow 30+ peers.

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