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5 Foods To Try Out At A Lagos Owambe

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picture showing foods to try at a Lagos Owambe

One of the major highlights of a proper Lagos Owambe is the meals; there are several yummy options to choose from.

If you are an adventurous person or you like a (food) challenge or you are tired of attending parties and settling for the same old safe meal choice because you’re uncertain about where or how to navigate the other meals on the menu, then this article is for you. 

You don’t have to eat rice every time you’re away from home, especially at a Lagos Owambe. Let’s quickly explore a few food options you can try when next you attend a Lagos Owambe


garri and seafood side served at a lagos owambe

Yes, you can now boldly declare your undying love for Garri, even at a party. It’s fast becoming a trend to see people serving Garri (saving lives since 1876) at Lagos Owambes and I’m not talking about eba (turning garri in hot water to make swallow). 

Caterers have gotten so creative with its presentation, it’s actually hard to say no to a bowl of garri, with very chilled water and various interesting sides like; seafood (fried prawns, crabs, lobsters and fish), groundnut, sugar, milk, just to mention a few. 

Whoever came up with the idea of serving Garri at parties, deserves a pay raise. I know we said a party is incomplete without jollof but try Garri and thank me later guys. It’s that good.


amala served at a lagos owambe

Haters will hate but Amala is still the King of the feast. Steamin’ hot dark chocolate popping yummy goodness, crowned with interesting accessories sitting pretty in a colorful blend of soups and stew is something to look forward to at any Lagos Owambe, especially if “Iya Michael” is the caterer, it definitely bangs different. 

A trial would have you ordering a second plate or in extreme cases, you could find yourself trying to stash some of it in a plate so you can eat it when you get home. This particular meal is 10 over 10 minus nothing, period!


A plate of Chinese food

Going to any restaurant to eat Chinese food; whether eat in or take out, is an extreme sport. Even if you tried to brave it, the prices will choke you except of course you’re rubbing shoulders with Dangote. So, if you find yourself in a proper Owambe and Chinese food is on the menu, help yourself to it, it’s the least you can do. 

If sapa wouldn’t let you be great (enough to ball at a Chinese restaurant), it can’t stop you at a Lagos Owambe. If you’ve never tried Chinese, this is your opportunity to do so. Do what you got to do and bag the experience for the culture. 

Disclaimer- make sure whoever made the food knows what they’re doing. If running stomach and toilet trips follow shortly afterwards, at least, you can say you tried. 


finger foods being served at a party

You see all those yummy looking confections from small chops to corndogs to cakes to all those after party treats with cocktail and mocktail drinks. You should definitely jump on it and spoil yourself at no cost, especially if you know weight gain has nothing on you. If you’re a member of the fit fam gang, stay focused on your diet. I am rooting for you!

Grills And Fries

grilled corn and chicken served at a Lagos owambe

You can never go wrong by settling for a sizzling delicacy at a Lagos Owambe. From grilled fish, snails, goat meat (asun), chicken, beef and all sorts of assorted to fries. 

However, if you’re going for this, you might need to start with any of the above-listed options or eat something heavy before leaving home because it would take a while before this food is served. 

One thing you need to know about a proper Lagos party is that the after-party always bangs. This is not limited to the music and paparazzi, even the meals served at the after-parties are to die for and they always save the best for the last. 

You know what they say about the patient dog, it might be a long wait but it definitely would be worth your while. 

P. S – If the wait gets too long, please confirm with a relative of the celebrant that food is still coming or the patient dog might get no meat at all. 

As a certified Owambe regular, I can tell you for free that once you try any of these foods at a Lagos Owambe, you’ll leave jollof and fried rice as a last resort. 

Meanwhile, have you tried any of these options before? Tell us in the “Food and Drinks” community on Fusion. If you haven’t tried any, which of them are you trying first?

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