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The Most Interesting Stories On Nigerian Social Media This Week (May 28- 31, 2024)

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picture showing BNXN

A lot of ridiculousness happened in the course of this week on social media but for the sake of your mental health and mine, I’ll only be touching on a few. Here are some of the most interesting stories on social media this week

Change In National Anthem

Picture showing the Nigerian flag, coat of arms and the lyrics of the new anthem

In a manner that is deserving of a Guinness World Record, the number one citizen of Nigeria approved the bill for a new national anthem in the spirit of throwback. Possibly, this new anthem might be the harbinger of “good fhingz” and restore the economy to the way it was when the anthem was coined. Who knows, a naira might just become equal to one dollar!

President BAT Spends One Year In Office

picture showing the number one citizen of Nigeria

The clock struck one on the mandate and what better way to celebrate than with a retro hit from the ‘60s. The Nigerian President took to the media to recount his innumerable achievements and outrageous accomplishments in the last one year. Having listened to him, all I can say is that we have renewed hope for a very long seven years (you might need crutches to stand on the mandate).

Wizkid Extends An Olive Branch

Wizkid posted Don Jazzy's artist; Ayra Starr on social media and Don Jazzy replied him.

It has become increasingly difficult to tell when our fave celebs are lowkey throwing shades, having a fall out or just “farming” as Wizkid and Don Jazzy seem to have buried the hatchet on the social media stiff they had some weeks back (when Wiz had referred to Jazzy as an “influencer”). Jazzy was obviously the bigger man as he did not justify the kid with a response. The real question is, who is next?

2 Emirs In Kano

Picture showing another emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero

This story is fast becoming a series. Remember the gist I gave you about SLS becoming the  only Emir of Kano? Well, let’s just say that the Kingdom has been divided with the help of two different judges and their judgements, SLS and Aminu Ado Bayero are now the Emirs of Kano. I’m just curious though, what’s the living arrangement like? Who gets the main mansion and who gets the boys quarters? 

First Bank Staff


My heart went kikum when I heard how much one man stole from a bank in this Nigeria. This man took the advice on stealing big to a whole different level as he defrauded the bank and its customers of a whopping 40 billion naira. A former employee of First Bank, Muiz Tijani Adeyinka allegedly diverted funds meant for reversal of failed disputes into a personal account and is now at large. Do your transactions on Fusion to avoid all these unnecessary heartbreaks. 

Saidaboj On Relationships With Men

Social media army came down hard with their military might on Saidaboj because she unashamedly made public her views on the “hookup” culture. I sincerely believe that most ladies share her views but wouldn’t own it with their chest. Her opinion gives credence to the pandemic of moral decadence in our society and in her loudness is a silent cry for help. Hope people hear it too…

BNXN Music Lecture

picture showing Nigerian artist, BNXN

BNXN gave a little lecture on how much artists earn from having 1 million streams across different platforms. Now I’m thinking about my life; I have a great voice and I can cook lyrics. What I need now is Don Jazzy’s number and a million fans. Trust me, I’ll keep you entertained and do giveaways every three market days. 

It’s a wrap guys! Want more juicy details? You should join me and other fusers in-app to discuss and share your opinions on some of these issues. See ya!

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