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7 Movie Franchises We’re Tired of Seeing

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You know how it feels when you see a really good movie and you get so excited for a sequel but then the sequel drops (more like flops), and you can’t do anything but breathe a sigh of relief when you’ve finally gotten to the end of the movie. Facepalm moment. 

Unfortunately, you hear that there are more movies in the works and you can’t help but mourn because you know that it’s also quite likely to fall flat on its face. 

Let’s highlight 7 movie franchises some of us are tired of seeing. In Papeeyah’s words, Trash it. Trash it now!


The Transformers movie franchise has been popular for a long time, but some people might be getting tired of it. The stories and action scenes, which used to be exciting, now feel predictable and boring. Some fans also think that the movies focus too much on action and not enough on character development and meaningful storytelling.

The last few Transformers movies didn’t do well with critics or audiences, and that’s probably making people even more tired of the franchise. Movie trends and people’s tastes are changing, and some viewers might be looking for something fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, the Transformers franchise isn’t giving them that, so they’re losing interest.

Movie Franchises

It’s important to remember that not all fans of the Transformers movie franchises feel the same way. Many people still love and look forward to new movies, and the franchise remains a special and important part of our culture that many people love and remember. While some may be tired of it, others continue to enjoy and embrace it.

Star Wars

The Star Wars movie franchises, which was once loved and admired for its innovative stories, is now facing a similar problem as Transformers. There are too many movies and spin-offs, and this is making some viewers feel overwhelmed and tired of the series.

The last Star Wars movie, “The Rise of Skywalker”, got bad reviews and disappointed some fans. This made people even more tired of the franchise and wanting something fresh and exciting. Some fans feel let down and don’t want to see the same old things repeated.

Not all Star Wars fans are tired of the movie franchise, though. Many fans still love and excitedly wait for new movies, shows, and other content. They celebrate the beloved characters and stories that have made Star Wars a huge part of our culture. The fact that Star Wars still has such a dedicated fan base shows how much it has impacted our culture and how much people love it.

Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park series, which was once exciting and new, has lost some of its appeal. The plots are predictable and don’t offer anything new or surprising.

Some Jurassic Park movies, like “Jurassic Park III” and “Fallen Kingdom”, didn’t get good reviews and disappointed fans. This made people think that the series isn’t as good as it used to be. 

The Jurassic Park series has lost some of its special charm and amazement that made it so beloved at first. The series of prequels and spin-offs have made the original feel less special and less exciting. The same storylines and formulas are being repeated, with new characters and dinosaurs, but it’s getting old. 

While many fans still love the series, the fact that some fans are losing interest shows that the movie franchise needs to change and come up with new ideas to be great again.

Fast and Furious

Movie Franchises

The Fast and Furious series, which was once exciting and loved, is now feeling tired and worn out to some fans. There have been too many movies (11 in just over 20 years) with similar stories and ideas, making it feel repetitive and boring. 

Some fans are feeling exhausted and want something fresh and different. The franchise’s reliance on familiar themes has lost its appeal, and some viewers are losing interest.

Some films, like “Tokyo Drift” and “Hobbs & Shaw”, didn’t get good reviews and disappointed fans. The Fast and Furious series has focused too much on big action scenes and stunts, and not enough on good storytelling and character development. 

Despite the decline in enthusiasm, the Fast and Furious series still has a loyal fan base who enjoy the movies for their entertainment value and nostalgic appeal. The franchise’s ability to change and adapt to what audiences want will be important for it to stay relevant and popular in the future. 

If it can find a way to balance action, storytelling, and character development, it may be able to win back some of the fans who have lost interest.

Disney’s Live Actions

People have different opinions about Disney’s live-action remakes. Some like them because they remind them of the old cartoons they loved, and they look amazing. But others think the remakes don’t have the same special something that made the old cartoons so great.

Here are some reasons why some people might be tired of Disney’s live-action remakes:

● Oversaturation: Disney is releasing too many live-action remakes too quickly, which can lead to people feeling tired of them. When there are too many remakes in a short amount of time, each one starts to feel less special and more like a way for Disney to make money. 

● Poor reception: For example, the 2019 version of “The Lion King” was criticized for lacking emotional depth and relying too much on special effects. In other words, the movie didn’t make people feel the way the original did, and it relied too heavily on looking good rather than telling a good story.

● Changing audience preferences: As people’s tastes change, they may want to watch different types of movies or franchises that offer new and exciting stories. Disney’s live-action remakes might not be what people are looking for if they want something fresh and different. 

● Lack of connection to the original: Some people might feel that the live-action remakes don’t have the same magic as the original animated movies. This can be because the new movies have a different tone, characters, or overall feel that doesn’t match the original. 

● Lack of depth: Some people might feel that the live-action remakes don’t have much depth or meaning and that the movies feel shallow or lacking in substance. 

This is why some people are unhappy with Disney’s live-action remakes. While some people like them, others want something new and creative from Disney, not just the same stories retold. 

Die Hart

The “Die Hart” movies have gotten negative reviews and disappointed fans, making people tired of the same old thing and wanting something fresh and different. Here are some reasons why people are sick of the franchise:

● Poor direction: Eric Appel’s direction of the movie was criticized for not getting the best performances from the actors and not bringing the script to life. This made the movie feel disjointed and boring to watch.

● Confusion over genre: The movie’s tone was all over the place, switching between making fun of things, being funny, and having action scenes. This confused audiences, who didn’t know what to expect or how to feel. 

As a review on IMDb puts it, “Additionally, the movie struggles to strike a balance between delivering action-packed sequences and generating laughs, resulting in a somewhat disjointed experience.” 

● Poor writing: Even though two talented writers, Tripper Clancy and, Derek Kolstad, worked on the script, it was criticized for not making sense, having weak characters, and jokes that weren’t funny. 

● Disappointment: The movie had a great cast and enough money to make it good, so people expected a lot. Many people felt that it didn’t live up to its potential, and that was disappointing. It’s hard for fans to get excited about new movies in the franchise when the last ones didn’t meet their expectations. 

Merry Men (Nollywood)

Movie Franchises

The “Merry Men” movie franchises have been criticized in many ways, making audiences feel tired and disappointed. Here are some specific reasons why

● Underwhelming plot: The story was not interesting or surprising. It was easy to guess what would happen next. The characters were not well-developed, and the story didn’t grab people’s attention.

● Misuse of talent: The movie had a lot of actors, but many of them didn’t get to do much or weren’t important to the story. It felt like a waste of their talent. They deserved better roles.

● Unnecessary scenes: Some parts of the movie were unnecessary and made it feel long and boring. They didn’t help the story or characters. It felt like they were added just to make the movie longer.

● Subpar action choreography: The action scenes were disappointing. They were not exciting, not creative, and not memorable. They didn’t stand out or make an impact.

● Unimpactful dialogue: The dialogue was disappointing. The lines didn’t evoke emotions or stick in your mind. The characters felt flat and uninteresting, like cardboard figures.

● Overuse of special effects: The movie prioritized flashy effects over a good story and characters, making it feel empty and shallow.

● Unsuccessful humor: The movie tried to be funny, but it didn’t work. The jokes felt fake and annoying, and they disrupted the movie’s flow. They didn’t fit with the rest of the movie and made it feel awkward. Perhaps the film’s most successful joke, if any, is that it exists at all, said a movie critic.

● Prioritizing jokes over excellence: The movie tried too hard to be funny and forgot to tell a good story, develop its characters, and be a quality film. This made it feel like a missed chance to be something special. Note what this critic says, ‘’there are multiple deaths and a near-death in Merry Men 3: Nemesis. This suggests a turn towards darkness which would have helped this film somewhat, in spite of itself. But the filmmakers cannot seem to make up their minds, infusing jokes and comedic bits that never land, in the worst possible moments.’’

Many people are disappointed and tired of the “Merry Men” movies. The criticisms have made it hard for some fans to get excited about future movies in the series.

This doesn’t mean that all movie franchises are bad. (Hiccups ‘Bad Boys’ Hiccups again.) It only means that the producers and directors of movie franchises should know when to call it quits. Don’t force it, please. It only makes it awkward for the audience.

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